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About ElizaRose

A partnership in business and in friendship, ElizaRose & Co. is made up of Hanna (Eliza) and Kimberly (Rose). This is one of those rare relationships that spans decades and withstands things like deciding to go into a business together!


Long before ElizaRose & Co. actually came to be as the event planning company you see today, it was a constant and lingering idea. Combining the strengths of both of us, we decided to leap into this grand adventure. Having had weddings of our own, and working with various vendors, something that became important to the both of us is the desire to create something beautiful out of a vision that is uniquely your own.


We are based out of two different states for the time being - Colorado and Montana, so we are happy to service either of those locations, or anywhere you take us!


More  About  Kim

Hey hey! I am so excited that you're here! Let's be real, choosing the right vendors to help you with these special events is super important! You want to have people around that you can vibe with, share your ideas with, and have fun with! So, here's a little bit about me.

I grew up in Fort Collins and absolutely loved it. Colorado is such a gorgeous state that I was lucky enough to call home. I take any and every opportunity I can to visit and go back to my roots. Currently, I live in Montana with my husband and our adorable pup Chester. Though it may not be FoCo, it sure is beautiful and I can't complain one bit. 

I have a BA in Psychology and a MS in Organizational Leadership and have felt extremely blessed in my educational pursuits. Some may even call me a bit of a nerd... 

As a long standing joke in our friendship, you might hear Hanna tease me about how I've never met a stranger in my life... anddd while it might be a slight exaggeration, it's not too far fetched. I absolutely love meeting new people and creating relationships that last. 


I can't wait to chat with you and I am honored that you are considering allowing me to help you with your very special day. Cheers!

More  About  Hanna

Hi everybody! Thanks for taking the time to check us out, we are so grateful and, more importantly so excited for you and your wedding journey! It is such an exciting time in life, but can be stressful of course. We would love to help you alleviate some of that stress so you can enjoy yourself! But first let me introduce myself better...


 As you might be able to guess at this point, I also grew up in Fort Collins. We moved here from Virginia way back before I started first grade, and I've called it home ever since! Since graduating high school, I started college with the intent to go into education, before realizing that my real passion lay somewhere else (hint: you found it!) and switched to the business track! My husband Stephen and I recently bought our first house in Northern Colorado and spend a lot of time there with our two cats, Ellie and Teddy. 

Pretty much all of my life I've been considered the "mom" of the friend group, by Kim and many others. While this is a point of teasing amongst friends, you can bet this means that I genuinely want to help you every step of the planning process and make every effort to always be there and listen to whatever you may need to discuss!

I am without a doubt so excited to be a part of your story and can't wait to bring your vision to life!

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